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Some of our campuses offer casual and permit parking

With limited parking on campus, we encourage you to use public transport, walk or cycle in.


Casual parking on Camperdown/Darlington Campus 吉林汇隆永机械有限公司

Daytime casual parking rates

$4 per hour up to a maximum charge of $24 for 24 hours, seven days a week.

Excluding the New Law Building basement carpark, Charles Perkins Centre basement carpark, Abercrombie Business School basement carpark and Western Avenue Underground carpark which are permit holders only between 6 am and 3pm.

Casual parking on Cumberland Campus 常熟盈盈瑞服务有限公司

Gate 2
Entry via East Street, Lidcombe

Hours of operation: 24/7

Parking for swipe-cardholders and casual parking via the coin-operated boom gate

Cost: $5 entry fee (change is not available)

Note: Free after-hours access to Gate 2
To ensure the safety of staff and students, the Gate 2 boom gate will be raised from 6pm to 6am Monday to Friday and all weekend until 6am Monday morning. There is no fee during this period.

Gate 3
Entry via Weeroona Rd, Lidcombe

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm during semester only

$4 for 24 hours.


The parking meters are “Pay by Plate”. Park your vehicle, go to the meter, pay the fee and enter your vehicle’s registration number and go on your way.

You have four options to pay for parking at the meters and there are three different type of machines. There are nine that take credit card only, seven that take credit cards or coins and six that take credit cards or coins or notes.

You can still pay through credit card using the free mobile App called CellOPark.

You can download CellOPark from the app store now. When you pay for parking your licence plate will register as paid with the parking officers and you will not be fined.

You can also top up your parking at any machine by simply paying and entering your registration details.

eReceipts can also be requested from the machines. Anyone wanting a receipt should follow the prompts and enter their email address into the machine and a receipt will be emailed to them (Please note the machines cannot print out receipts).

The machines do not give change and the University does not provide refunds.


Students with a mobility / disability parking permit may park in disabled parking spaces. A mobility parking permit does not entitle you to park in spaces designated for University parking permit holders.


Permit type


Valid areas


Staff – Camperdown/ Darlington


Camperdown, Darlington

At all times

Darlington Campus



Darlington Campus at any time and Camperdown after 3pm Monday to Friday and weekends

3 Hour off campus Conjoint Staff


Camperdown, Darlington

For 3 hours only

Casual or non staff – Cumberland Campus



Access to Gate 1 and 2

Postgraduate Student – Cumberland Campus



Access to Gate 3

Staff – Cumberland



Access to Gate 1 and 2

Staff – Mallet St, Single Bay


Mallet St

With bay allocation

Staff – Mallet St, Tandem Bay


Mallet St

With bay allocation

Postgraduate Student


Camperdown, Darlington

Darlington Campus any time and Camperdown after 3pm Monday to Friday and weekends

Undergraduate Student


Camperdown, Darlington

After 3pm Monday to Friday and weekends

Union Staff


Camperdown, Darlington

At all times

Service Contractors


Camperdown, Darlington

At all times


The University of Sydney has gone paperless and now has parking on our campus via licence plate recognition technology which means there is no need to display a physical hard copy permit. The new virtual permit (vPermit) is available here.

If you have A UniKey: click “Log In”, then click on “Login with Unikey”.

If you do not have a UniKey: click on “Register” and create an account with a non-University of Sydney email address and confirm your account via email. You will then be able to log in and apply for a parking permit (this option requires supporting documentation for your permit to be approved).

Once logged in, click on“Apply for a vPermit” and complete the personal and vehicle details into the fields and click “Next”. You will be prompted to make payment for your permit via credit card. Phase 2 of vPermits is currently being completed to include salary sacrifice via payroll deduction.

If you have a UniKey your permit will be available for use after payment has been approved. If you do not have a UniKey your application will need to be approved by security after viewing your supporting documentation.

You can check the status of your vPermit at any time by logging in to your account.

Click here for more information about the vPermit.


  • Level 1, Services Building (G12), 22 Codrington Street, Darlington Campus


  • Camperdown and Darlington: +61 2 9351 7838; Cumberland (Lidcombe): +61 2 9351 9563 or +61 2 9036 7763; Camden: +61 2 9036 7763
  • Services Building (G12), 22 Codrington Street, Darlington Campus
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